Success in any sphere demands successful words.

Steve Deleers Stephen V. DeLeers
Successful Words

Dr. Stephen V. DeLeers, principal of Successful Words, is a consultant in effective communication, grant writing, and organizational assessment. With more than twenty years’ experience in the teaching and practice of communication excellence, DeLeers has served on the graduate faculties of three institutions, and has consulted with a wide variety of organizations, from the Greendale Historical Society to the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. His editing work with masters and doctoral students has provided the expertise and motivation for many to complete their degrees. He serves as “the last set of eyes” for a statewide, biweekly publication before it goes to press, and has assisted politicians with their public speaking.

If words are the challenge, DeLeers is the resource.

Stephen V. DeLeers holds a doctorate in communication. He has sat on the boards of numerous local and national service organizations, including a local community foundation.

Comments from satisfied clients:

“I always wondered why in acknowledgements writers thanked their editors so profusely. Now I know. Having Stephen DeLeers, editor, from Successful Words involved in my thesis was invaluable. He had astute comments redirecting my focus when needed; was explanatory when leaving items on edit floor; timely in his response; and accountable on all billings. My thoughts are now precise and cogent. My thesis is a professional product I am proud of. I recommend Stephen DeLeers without reservation as an editor!”

—Doctoral student

“Dr. Stephen DeLeers was an invaluable resource for me when it came to editing my thesis. He was available, attentive, and excellent at holding to the timeline we had agreed to. But most importantly he had the ability to push me beyond my own comfort zone, to help me keep my eye on the prize, so that I could finish what I felt so called to do.”

—Doctoral student

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